What to Expect

A typical home inspection will take about 3 to 4 hours depending on the type of home; an unoccupied one story home on a concrete slab will take about 2+ hours, where an occupied two story home on a crawlspace foundation will take about 4 hours to complete.

Although the home inspection report will include detailed descriptions and color digital pictures of any defects in the home, it is best if you are able to attend the inspection review for a discussion of the findings. You, your agent, the owner/sellers, etc. are all welcome to attend the entire inspection, but should allow the inspector to conduct the home inspection uninterrupted so he can focus on the home. Once the inspection is complete, we can walk through the home with you to discuss any concerns or defects that may be present. If you are unavailable to attend the inspection, the inspection report will be delivered by the end of the next business day to your E-mail account. The reports are well presented, and easy to read and understand. If there are questions, our inspectors are available for phone calls, or can meet you at the home if necessary, to discuss your questions or concerns. The reports are formatted in user friendly HTML format, so no special programs or large file storage space is needed. The reports can easily be forwarded to your agent, and/or the seller or their agent.

Some things that are not included in the inspection:

  1. Appliances that are not installed (refrigerators, counter-top microwave ovens, etc.)
  2. Building Code Compliance
  3. Environmental issues such as Radon, Mold, Lead, etc. (unless specifically requested)
  4. Systems/components/areas that are not readily accessible or readily visible. (Ask the owner/seller to move all stored items away from walls and doors etc.)
  5. Systems/components that are “shut down.” (Ask the owner/seller to have all utilities activated and all equipment functional)
  6. Cosmetic issues (Acceptability is subjective and should be determined by the client)
  7. Exterior features such as retaining walls, storage buildings, pools, etc. (Unless their condition may effect the building)
  8. Low voltage systems/components such as: intercom, security systems, antennas, etc.
  9. Accessory items such as shutters, screens, etc. (unless requested)