See It All With Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging provides an in-depth look at your potential new home. It can provide you a look at a variety of aspects that you may not have noticed or may have noticed but may not have seen the full extent of the condition. Because a thermal imaging device senses changes in thermal energy, this specific home inspection can provide insight into a variety of issues.

How Does Thermal Imaging Work?

All elements of your home’s structure have various heat signatures. As a thermal device is used to inspect your home, it can show changes in thermal energy or hot and cold spots. For example, your home’s roofing materials will have a lower temperature than water-damaged materials. During a thermal imaging inspection, roof materials will appear blue or purple. However, a damaged spot will appear red or orange because the moisture-soaked roofing material does not release heat as quickly as non-damaged materials.

To learn more about what is really going on with your home in Charlotte, get a thermal imaging home inspection.