Let’s Get You to Close

Whether you are a homeowner in Charlotte looking to sell or buy your home, or wanting to make renovations, or you are a real estate agent wanting to help a client get to close, Colony Home Inspections can provide structural inspections that will give you peace of mind and help you take the next step.

You Need a Structural Inspection When:

  • Buying or selling a home
  • Proposing a renovation project
  • There is interior cracking
  • There are sagging or bowing of floors
  • There is roof failure
  • An engineer’s certificate is needed
  • And more

What is a Structural Inspection?

A structural inspection is carried out by an engineer who can ascertain the integrity of a home’s essential architectural elements. They can determine how a renovation will impact a home’s structural integrity and the changes that will need to be made to a renovation plan. They can establish how a natural disaster or other catastrophic event could have affected the home’s structure and the steps that will need to be taken to ensure the home’s structural integrity.

A structural inspection by a structural engineer is often needed after a home inspection if the home inspector deems it necessary.  

For Homeowners

Anyone can hire a structural engineer, including a homeowner in Charlotte looking to buy or sell their home, or carry out an extensive renovation. A structural engineer can give you peace of mind and help you to proceed to the next step and here’s how:

Buying or Selling a Home

If a home inspector has uncovered issues during a home inspection, the next step might be to call in the help of a structural engineer. Home inspectors aren’t qualified to provide the assessments and recommendations as a structural engineer.

An engineer can help you make sure your home is ready to take to the market and provide essential recommendations for solving structural problems within your home. They can also inspect the home in Charlotte that you hope to buy and provide the same advice.

Before Renovation

Another time you may want to call in the help of a structural engineer is when you are proposing a major renovation project. Major changes include:

  • Removing or cutting a load-bearing wall
  • Adding living space by a second story renovation
  • Additions to great rooms without supports
  • Extending your living quarters
  • Renovating homes constructed before 1970

A structural engineer will help you create a safe space and help you retain the value of your home.

Other Times You Need A Structural Engineer

  • After a natural disaster
  • Foundation cracks, settlement, or movement
  • Interior cracking
  • Framing movement
  • Sagging floors
  • Bowing walls
  • Rotting damage
  • Undersized framing
  • Sinkholes or soil issues
  • Roof failure
  • Collapse
  • Water, flood, fire, or wind damage

For Real Estate Agents

If you are assisting your client for either buying or selling their home, you may need to hire a structural engineer on their behalf. We can help you get your client to closing when:

  • The home inspection has potentially unfavorable results
  • The buyer has concerns about cracks or other damage
  • The buyer wants to explore remodeling options
  • The home has finished spaces or decks not originally permitted
  • When an Engineer’s Certificate is required

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Whether you are a homeowner looking to take your home to the next level with a renovation or a real estate agent helping get your client to closing, Colony Home Inspections can provide the professional services that you need. Contact us to schedule an inspection!