Do I Need an Irrigation System Inspection?

Though the purpose of an irrigation system is simple, many parts are needed to make it work. If one part isn’t working, it can affect the overall system — and cause issues for your home and property. We can inspect all those parts to help make sure that your lawn, landscaping, and property always look amazing.

How Can We Inspect Your System?

Though much of a sprinkler system is underground, we can examine the functioning of it through the parts that we can see, as well as through the overall function of the system as a whole. We will inspect:

  • Sensors
  • Pressure differentials
  • Connections
  • Drains
  • Sprinkler head location
  • Controls
  • And other essential parts

What Can An Irrigation System Inspection Do For Me?

Inspecting your home’s irrigation system will do more for you than just make sure that it works or provide insight into what needs to be fixed; it can protect you from extra costs as a result of a dead or damaged lawn or landscaping, erosion, and even water damage to your home and other aspects of your property in Charlotte.

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