Gas leaks are dangerous because of the significant effect they can have on our health. Natural gas is made mainly of methane which pushes oxygen out of enclosed spaces such as your home. Because natural gas is extremely flammable, a gas leak could cause an explosion or fire and damage your home. Gas can make you sick, and could even cause death. A gas leak is a serious issue that should never be ignored.

What is a Gas Leak?

A gas leak can occur due to old, corroded, warped, bent, or ruptured pipes or gas lines. A leak can also happen when an appliance or structural element is old or not working properly and doesn’t burn up the gas completely.

Do I Have a Gas Leak?

The best way to know if you have a gas leak is to have an inspection. However, a sign that you might have a problem is the smell of rotten eggs as well as feeling dizzy, sick to your stomach, and experiencing confusion. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms leave the area, then call 911.

To make sure your prospective home is safe, call us for gas leak detector inspection.