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  1. New standards of practice for home inspectors in North Carolina

    Believe it or not, it actually does take an act of law to change anything in the Standards of Practice for licensed home inspectors in North Carolina, and they have done just that.  Effective October 1 of this year, the changes went into effect.  Much of what changed is clerical in nature and only…Read More

  2. What’s wrong with PEX water lines?

    PEX is the most commonly used material for water distribution systems in homes today; it is generally accepted as a good and reliable material.  However, as with polyethylene, PVC, and even copper, there were problems with the materials during the first few years of use. Most contractors use metall…Read More

  3. 4 Ways that Regular Property Inspection Helps You Save Money

    When buying an investment property, a professional home inspection is absolutely necessary. Aside from home inspection prior to buying the property, regular inspections after moving in are equally important. Regularly inspecting your investment property will help highlight most issues before it beco…Read More