If you’ve never bought a home before, it is easy for you to make assumptions that the seller will always uphold their end of the deal. However, due to misunderstandings, mistakes, or dishonesty on the sellers part, it’s best to get a professional to make sure the contract is being upheld.

Examples of items to verify is that the appliances in the home are those that you agreed upon in the contract. Another might be that the homeowner will take all their junk with them. Making these assumptions can be financially and emotionally devastating. For this reason, it is essential that you get a final walk-through inspection.

What is a Final Walk-Through Inspection?

A final walk-through inspection can save you a lot of frustration and essentially paying more for a home in Charlotte than you should. A final walk-through is:

  • Performed a few hours or days before closing
  • For making sure the property is in the condition agreed upon
  • To check for agreed upon repairs
  • NOT a home inspection  

What You Can Avoid With a Final Walk-Through Inspection

It can be tempting to avoid the hassle and cost of a final walk-through inspection — it’s exciting to buy a new home and if you met the original owners, you may have felt that you can trust them. However, no matter how you feel, to protect yourself and make sure all is well with your new home before your transaction.

If The Home Has Been Vacant

If the home has been vacant for awhile, problems can slowly manifest during the time between the previous owner vacating and the new owner moving in. Old plumbing, such as the house water line to washing machines and a refrigerator, can begin to leak, creating water damage. Or a careless technician doing maintenance can leave a faucet or other item on which can mean small to catastrophic damage for your home.

If the Owner is Present Do the Walk Through With Them

Another thing to note is if the previous owner is available, having them accompany the inspector during the walk-through can be helpful. Why? They can explain elements of the home if you or the inspector has questions.

Ready To Move In?

Are you ready to get the keys to your new home in Charlotte? Call Colony Home Inspections for a professional final-walk through with a knowledgeable inspector who can make sure that you are moving in to the home that you think you are buying. Schedule an inspection with us or contact us for more information!