Level I Home Inspection includes: Roofing, Exterior, Structural Components, Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Insulation, Ventilation, Interior (doors windows, ceilings, walls, etc.), and Appliances. Does not include: cabinets & counter tops, flooring, closet shelving, bath hardware. Plus…

Home Inspection Standards of Practice are quite limited in many ways; sometime, common sense efforts are not required in inspecting some systems and components.  If you are comparing prices from different inspection companies, ask them if the go beyond the standards in the following ways like we do in all inspections:

  1. Do they walk on the roof when readily accessible?
  2. Do they walk on trusses or ceiling joists when readily accessible to inspect the back corners of the attic space?
  3. Do they inspect all of similar items in a room such as: windows, doors, cabinets, electrical receptacles, etc. or just a representative sample?
  4. Do they use a probe thermometer to test HVAC function? (using an infrared thermometer is not an accurate manner of conducting this test)
  5. Do they use a pressure gauge to verify proper water pressure on the home?

Level II Home Inspection includes everything in the Level I inspection + Roofing Gutters, Storm Windows and Doors, Awnings, and Shutters, Cabinets & Counter Tops, Flooring, Closet Shelving, Bath Hardware, Screening, + Free subscriptions to Home Binder, & Home Owner’s Network.

Level III Home Inspection includes everything in the level II inspection + Termite Inspection/letter (provided by Pest Specialist, Inc.) & Sewer Scope Survey of line between the home and city tap/septic tank.

Level IV Home Inspection includes everything in the level III inspection + Radon Gas Survey, Limited Areal Drone Survey, Limited Thermal Imaging Survey, Gas Leak Detection, & Carbon Monoxide Survey.


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